all in wonderland

Wondering – marveling – scrutinizing

How does it actually look like – our world? How do others see it? Don’t we wonder too little?In our daily routines normally is no space left for dreams. Our habits define our view and perspective, smothering our phantasy.

Alice in Wonderland“ and „What Alice Found There“ from the author Lewis Carrol are books that have been fascinating me since my early childhood and were the inspiration for this work. One day reading the book I recognized that a lot of the characters are similar to my friends. Certain characteristics, odd habits or random moments of the novel characters did remind me of people close to me. Suddenly the world of Alice and my real world were linked to each other. I started seeing my daily routine with Alice’ eyes. More than ever, I started wondering. Little changes, special moments and odd coincidences caught my attention. The idea of taking pictures of my friends as characters of Alice’s world was born. In my wonderland they are the main characters. I wanted to show similarities without dressing them up or staging them too much. The very personal portraits show them as I see them and as they see themselves – at places that could be out of a dream world but are not. Additionally, the idea came up to connect other surreal places with the personal portraits, most of these collected on journeys through everyday life and foreign lands. They complete the change of perspective, my view on known people – through unexpected links with places that are open to interpretation and full of stories to yet be told. The focus of the portraits though is on the personal. Thus, I have asked my friends what they wonder about. Their insights, thoughts and perception complement the portraits.

What is reality? A question of individual perception and perspective: “Looking-glass upon the wall,isn’t everything Wonderland all?”

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