In my photographic projects I always question – life, others and myself.
These questions appear and accompany my life and nurture my process of growing. This process always is influenced and shaped by people, places and the world around me. Thus the process and I constantly underlie change that affect the thinking, seeing and feeling.

walking on the moon.

Once upon a time she made a decision that made her feel and think differently. Many times a day, everywhere in the world and I dont know how often exactly per day, people have to take decisions. Sometimes though it …

just a hug

I left my country with the idea to grow. What grows, changes. When I came to Akumal, I started to get to know this area and its people. For me, I discovered four different and connected worlds: the ocean – …

Meine Mutter ist ein Vogel

Das Maul steht weit offen, die Nacht frisst das letzte Licht. Frisst den Fluß, die Quelle, die Mutter. Am Strand geht die Tochter, die eine Maske trägt. Der Tod reißt alles weg, jede Haut. Einkehr halten in einem fremdem Land. …

I go.

  Warum – wie oft & wie fühlt sich das an. Bewegung ist kein Ausnahmezustand. Fotografien und Interviews über das Kommen und Gehen.

my mother is a bird

I am a tiger – alive – but i lost one leg. What changed, what goes and what stays depends of what you are believe.

all in wonderland

Wondering – marveling – scrutinizing How does it actually look like – our world? How do others see it? Don’t we wonder too little?In our daily routines normally is no space left for dreams. Our habits define our view and …