walking on the moon.

Once upon a time she made a decision that made her feel and think differently.

Many times a day, everywhere in the world and I dont know how often exactly per day, people have to take decisions.

Sometimes though it is a decision that changes your life, that you have to take – there is no other way.

You know what I mean – you know how it feels!

Thoughts and feelings swirl and roam about. Flowers flying, floating down and covering your body and senses, clouding them. You lie down, but it is different – it is uneven and rough and uncomfortable and it hurts allover. You feel the pressure in your head, eyes, in your heart and stomach.

You can not sleep anymore, you are torn from one side to the other. You know you have to decide what to do.

There is no other way out – you are directly in this world of weighing up.

You are starting the ride through your inner landscape.

You follow inwards, into the deep; drifting away – followed by the tender and soft, delicate death as well as the wild, stirring and exciting life. You realise that you just have these two options. Thoughts and feelings coming and going, swimming, gliding weightless in space and time, pushing and squeezing from behind.

The borders are open and everything comes together. The emotional and rational sensations are setting in, you dont know which step to take next and which direction you go.

Haeadless and lost in mind – take care, dont loose yourself.

This is the point of no return.

Along this way she felt like….walking on the moon.

Time is passing: healing your mind, your body and your soul, but you will never forget.

This work is based on the topic “decision“. Every single photographies shows the feeling of the process you live through while you decide if you want to have an unwanted child.

A decision in this matter is not always possible. There are a number of countries which prohibit an abortion under all circumstances. Even the risk to life and health of the woman is not a considered reason.

“Our Bodies, Our Minds, Our Power”

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