multidisciplinary artist

Diana Juneck (1981), multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin and Málaga.
In 2009, she received the degree „Master of Arts“ as theatre-photography-art-teacher. From 2010–2019 she has been in “Ostkreuzschule for Photography“ in Berlin by photographer Linn Schröder, Thomas Meyer and Ludwig Rauch. Since 2010 she has been working as a freelance photographer and realized varied photographic exhibitions and artistic projects. Diana Juneck additionally has been working as a picture editor and photographer for a magazine, shooting different artists and do projectcoaching and workshops. She won photo competitions, published her works in digital and print magazines, had solo and group exhibitions, in different countries and galleries like Mexico, Greece, Italy, Germany. Most recently she took part in several art festivals in Berlin and was an international artist in residency in Mexico. Since 2019 she is a founding member of the interdiciplinary art collective “polysense“. Since 2021 founder of the art studio lagune35 in Málaga, Spain.

space for creative development

For more than 10 years I have worked in art education. I create workshops, seminars, long-term projects, team- and individual coaching, in the field of photography, audio-video, theatre. The aim is a personal and artistic development. I cooperate with schools, universities, museums, theaters, associations and organizations, as well with interested individuals and small groups in every age.
It is important,  to promote access to art and teach the handling of artistic working methods. I will awake your joy in experimenting, curiosity and passion. You will get versatile insights into different techniques, practical experience, artistic ideas, to enable creative self-activity and self-organization.

group exhibitions

2021 RHB – Reinbeckhallen Berlin – At the end of the day
2020 Galerie erstererster, Berlin – space & perception
2020 MOM_NT – projektraum, Berlin - moment
2019  Kunstquartier Bethanien-studioI, Berlin - Lautlos
2018 Kunstquartier Bethanien- projektraum, Berlin - Leib
2017 Foto-Forum, Bozen- Walking on the moon.
2017 Metamatic: taf- galerie, Athen - Walking on the moon.
2017 alte feuerwache - projektraum, Berlinische Galerien - Walking on the moon.
2016 Kunstfestival Spreeknie , Berlin- Mondlandschaft
2014 Artist in Residence Ausstellung, Akumal, Mexico just a hug
2014 Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Meine Mutter ist  ein Vogel 
2013 Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Alles im Wunderland

solo exhibitions

2018 anderthalb. Ladengalerie und Werkstatt, Leipzig - Walking on the moon.
2017 August-Bebel -Galerie, Berlin – Entscheidungen Ausstellungskombination - Walking on the moon. und On the way 
2015 Interkulturelles Festival, Aussenausstellung und Audioinstallation, Jena - i go. - why - how often and how does it feel.
2014 Gallery circle, Berlin – Meine Mutter ist ein Vogel
2014 Wanderausstellung, Jena  – blue eyes and humus 
2014 Imaginata, Jena – Ausstellung - i go. + Audioinstallation mit Interviews