multidisciplinary artist


LAUTLOS deals with points flashing in front of the inner eye, partial images and traumatic scenes of a photographer. They are silently told truths that, as images of the unconscious, establish meaningful connections between the worlds.

a immersion in the poetry of a feeling

Thoughts dance silently. They are recurring thoughts that seem to meet you late at night - insanduates wrapped in silence, inspired by the state of exhaustion.

inhale once and plunge into the interior.

A pulse shot away from the intermediate realm of the ambiguous, the transformation, the transition from fiction to reality and vice versa.

It evokes an oscillations between conscious vision and inner images.

I feel the amniotic silence and the built-up tension - warm, hidden, protected, as during a thunderstorm, surrounded by the waves of the fog. I lie in bed trying to understand, but the muted words are incomprehensible. There is a subtle but stubborn sense of longing not to be in the right place. The ambient noise of the intended habitat is not visible.

I can be fluent.

"Only sometimes the curtain of the pupil pushes up silently -. Then a picture goes in, tense silence goes through the limbs - and stops being in the heart." (Rainer Maria Rilke, 1902, Paris, The Panther)

An inner act of senseless violence that forces me to revise the image in my head of what can happen in this world - to rethink the fences of my expectations and to weed out invasive truths.

It is the bittersweet desire to hold on to the time as it passes, as if I were trying to hold on to a dream, while the elders drift downstream and seem to roar effortlessly,

- "Just let go - it's okay - let go."